Monday, July 11, 2011

13 July 2011

Penelope Todd is a Novelist, writer of young adult fiction, editor and now publisher. She has taken a bold step into the new world of e-publishing by forming Rosa Mira Books, an e-publishing company that launched itself onto the literary scene with The Glass Harmonica by Dorothee E Kocks. We’ll talk about what it takes to set up an e-publishing venture and the world of e-books and how it impacts on the book world as we know it.

Raymond Huber has recently launched Wings, the new adventures of Ziggy the bee, who we met in Sting. Raymond is a writer of children’s books and educational books as well as an editor and occasional sculptor. We’ll talk about the new adventures of Ziggy the bee and the importance of making children aware of environmental issues in a fun and entertaining way

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