Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 13 2008

Geoff Walker is the Publishing Director or Penguin New Zealand and has been involved in the publishing industry for a very long time. I caught up with Geoff when he was on a recent trip to Dunedin.
We talk about the publishing industry in New Zealand, trends and recent changes. We also talk about the effect on the digital age on how books are published and the effects on writers.
Geoff also talks about the process of publishing - how they look at the hundreds of manuscripts submitted each year and what you can do to improve the chances of being picked up.

I enlist the help of guest interviewer Tania Roxborogh to talk with me about my new novel The Ringmaster, by Vanda Symon. The Ringmaster is the second novel in the Sam Shephard detective series and is set in Dunedin.

We talk about the novel, and the importance of characters, particularly in crime fiction. Series enable an author to develop characters, so we talk about this and other advantages in writing a series.

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