Thursday, September 4, 2008

September 10 2008

Tania Roxborogh is a writer, teacher, family gal and all round very busy person. She had a new book, Kids Behaving Bravely: Raising a resilient Child, launched earlier this year. This is a follow up to No it’s not OK: How to stop the cycle of bullying released last September.
We talk about how parents can instil inner resilience in their children, so they can cope with what life throws at them.
Tania also has a children's novel Space Gum to be released later this month.

Joanna Woods is the author of three biographies. In 2005 she was the Research Fellow at the National and Turnbull Libraries where she did much of the research for her recent book Facing the Music: Charles Baeyertz and The Triad. The Triad was a journal devoted to literature, art, science and music that Charles Baeyertz established in Dunedin in 1893. We chat about The Triad, and Charles - an amazing and almost forgotten character from out past.

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