Sunday, May 10, 2009

13 May 2009

Laurence Fearnley is a highly regarded writer who was the 2007 Robert Burns fellow at the University of Otago and has had two of her novels shortlisted for the Montana New Zealand Book Awards. She has recently had released her 7th novel, Mother's Day, which is the final book in her Southern Trilogy.

We'll talk about the new book, and how it feels to reach the end of a themed trilogy and to be looking forward to something different.

Huberta Hellendoorn wanted to tell the courageous story of her daughter Miriam, who has Down Syndrome. Huberta has recently self-published The Madonna in the Suitcase, after being unable to find a mainstream publisher for the book. We talk about the pleasures and difficulties in writing such a personal tale about her family, and the difficult road to publishing it. Further details about the book, including how to purchase it can be found here.


TUC said...

So how do we get Hellendoorn's book?

Vanda Symon said...

Good question! I've amended the original post to include a link to a full blurb about the book, and the authors email address to purchase the book. It sells for $29.95. If you are in Dunedin The University Book Shop also sells it.